Use it or Lose it!

Valley Family Dentistry Reminds Patients of End-of-year Dental Benefits

As we start to enjoy the end-of-the-year weather, the Valley Family Dentistry team wants to remind all of our patients (and all other individuals whom we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting!) to make the most of their insurance benefits before they’re lost at the end of the year.

“Most insurance benefits do not roll over each calendar year,”  says Dr. Brenda Landeros. “You’re paying for dental insurance every month, so make sure to use it before you lose it!”

Check out these tips for using those benefits before the year is up:

Come in for a second cleaning
Even if you had your teeth cleaned once this year as recommended by the American Dental Association, you can always improve your dental health with a second cleaning several months later.  “At the end of the year, most of the patients we see want to get a second cleaning before they’re due – and that’s ok,” says Linda Guerra, a dental hygienist on the Valley Family Dentistry team. “If they had their last one very early in the year, it actually helps them out.” Dr. Landeros and her team can make the best recommendation for how often you should have your teeth cleaned after a quick examination – it could be more for individuals with gum disease or other problem situations and less for those who are very rigorous with their home care regimen.  


Make (a little) time for your teeth!
“A lot of people do not make time in their schedule for their dental care,” says Dr. Landeros. “There are a lot of reasons we hear, but we’re ready to discuss your care options whenever you do come in.” The staff at Valley Family Dentistry understands that their patients are busy, and scheduling more than one appointment is simply not possible for some. “We try to offer the option to have all your dental work done the same day you come in for a cleaning or exam,” says Guerra.

Get recommended work done
“Any time a patient comes in, we let them know if they have pending treatment that’s been recommended but not completed,” says Guerra. With the knowledge of what work should be done, patients can make the decision to schedule appointments when it’s most convenient for them. “In every case, we recommend that patients take care of the treatment that’s been suggested by one of the doctors here before the end of the year,” says Dr. Landeros. “If they don’t, their insurance benefits don’t roll over and they will lose out!”


Treat yourself to a cosmetic treatment
During the holidays, many people have time off and can come in for the dental care they need or have always wanted. “Parties are happening, there’s lots of pictures, so we definitely don’t want anyone missing out on those good things,” says Dr. Landeros. She says many patients schedule a tooth whitening to ring in the new year with a pearly smile. “We always try to encourage good habits and share little tips for keeping them white.”

Individuals who aren’t sure what their insurance covers can speak to the office staff at Valley Family Dentistry by calling (956) 423-0191. They will be happy to let you know what’s covered and help you schedule an appointment.  “Patients should take advantage of everything that they’re paying for!” says Guerra.