Linda Guerra Hygienist Valley Family Dentistry

Patients want to trust their dentist to perform dental procedures with high quality precision. Someone who is skilled at creating dentures, veneers, doing teeth whitening, and more are essential to the world of dentistry. And although excellence in skill is important, many dental clinics lack in a different aspect of their business…customer service.

When it comes to comfort, we here at Valley Family Dentistry want to remind our patients, and future patients, we have their best interest in mind. In one of our former blogs, “Debunking Common Myths and Fears,” we touched on the common fears people have when it comes to visiting the dentist. We recognize there is often a lot of uneasiness when people visit a dentist. It’s imperative for us to make known that aside from being our clients number one dental advocate, we go the extra mile to offer relaxation for our patients overall well-being. One of our main goals is for people to feel comfortable and safe physically and emotionally while in the dental chair.

This includes the dental chair that doubles as a massage chair, nicely decorated rooms, and a TV in front of each chair as an enjoyable amenity.  

In addition to niceties and a warm and welcoming staff upon entering our facility,  we’d also like to introduce one of our strongest assets, our dental hygienist, Linda Guerra.

Linda epitomizes warmth and compassion, she truly takes pride in being someone who is relatable at patient’s visits and makes it her mission for people to feel at ease when at an appointment.

“We provide a soothing environment from start to finish. We try to get patient’s anxiety level low,” says Linda.

Linda is the dental hygienist at Valley Family Dentistry. A hygienist is someone who cleans teeth, does cancer screenings, checks general teeth health and much more. More than likely you will meet her when you visit VFD. And if you are having a difficult time relaxing, then you will probably spend additional time with her, under her infectious fervor that could calm even the most anxious person. We just loving having her as part of our team.

When Linda was asked “What do you do when someone’s anxiety level is high?”

She said, “You just have to get them comfortable. Not go into what you’re going to do right away. You just have to talk to them about their family or anything they can tell you that will relax them.”

This also includes just sitting in the dental chair for the first visit if that will help the patient feel more comfortable.

“Sometimes the patient won’t do any sort of procedure that day, they’ll just sit and hear us explain the procedure. If the patient needs that we are happy to accomodate them,” says Dr. Landeros.

Linda recounts a positive experience she’s had with a client who at the beginning couldn’t even bear to sit in the dental chair. Upon entering the patient just sat beside the chair not wanting to sit down. But after much reassurance and calm talking, Linda was able to get them to calmly recline and finish their cleaning. The patient was amazed at the finished result and left satisfied and confident, in both their smile and their ability to handle an entire cleaning!

“They were almost in tears before they sat down just to do a cleaning. I got them to sit down! And they were very happy and pleased after,” Linda recounts.

This is just one story of the many awesome occurrences at Valley Family Dentistry. We’re proud of our staff and their ability to relate to our highest priority, you the patient. We invite you to schedule a check up today. Even if that just means sitting in the dental chair.

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