TMJ Dysfunction


  When people start to feel in their jaw from grinding or clenching their teeth at night, they may be suffering from TMJ dysfunction. If you believe you might have this condition schedule an appointment with our office so that you can stop suffering today!

Getting to the Root of the Problem

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The philosophy of Valley Family Dentistry is something that isn’t often seen at dentistries. It’s so important for our team to treat people as individuals and offer opinions that keep their best interest in mind. Something that goes hand in hand with this type of treatment is making sure we get to the root of […]

TMJ Dysfunction-Grinding and Clenching our


Our fast paced and extremely competitive lifestyle has led people in our society to deal with the repercussions stress and anxiety has on the body, including our teeth. Valley Family Dentistry has received many patients in the last year with symptoms related to TMJ dysfunction due to clenching and grinding their teeth during their sleep. […]

Upper tooth pain as a result of springtime allergies


Spring is here and a lot of us are suffering from consistent allergy symptoms. Sneezing, congestion and itchiness are only a few of the more common symptoms experienced by allergy sufferers. But did you know that if you are suffering from upper tooth pain during springtime you may just be experiencing another allergy symptom? Although […]

I Love Being a Dentist!


A letter from Dr. Landeros to present and future patients It’s no secret people tend to have anxiety about visiting a dentist. We have actually touched base with this in two of our past blogs, “Debunking Common Myths & Fears,” and “Linda Guerra Hygienist.” We’re wanting to validate patient’s anxieties because avoiding dental hygiene due […]

Linda Guerra Hygienist Valley Family Dentistry


Patients want to trust their dentist to perform dental procedures with high quality precision. Someone who is skilled at creating dentures, veneers, doing teeth whitening, and more are essential to the world of dentistry. And although excellence in skill is important, many dental clinics lack in a different aspect of their business…customer service. When it […]