Can I keep my wisdom teeth?


It is possible to keep your wisdom teeth…if you are one of the very few people who have an extended jaw that allows for three sets of molars to fit comfortably, and have reached middle age with no negative impact on your teeth or jaw because of them. But for most of us, the answer […]

Bright Smile in a Day: the All on 4

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For the patient who is struggling with dentures due to missing or worn out teeth, the all on 4 procedure could be the solution to a pearly white smile. When patients have to wear a denture, and rely on their gums to carry the entire weight of it, there are complications and nuisances that follow […]

Debunking Common Myths & Fears

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Dr. Landeros Breaks Down Dental Anxiety For some people, anxiety sets in the moment they walk into any medical facility—an antiseptic, clinical waiting room, bright fluorescent lights, the smell of latex gloves, the sound of cold, metal instruments—all senses engaged and hyperaware, the fear feels real. Dr. Landeros and her team at Valley Family Dentistry […]

Attainable Dental Care

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Dental care that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg Valley Family Dentistry offers patient payment plan through membership program Proper dental care can quickly empty pockets, especially when a patient isn’t insured. From X-rays and examinations to cleanings and major treatment, some people might be tempted to delay or forgo trips to the dentist’s […]