Upper tooth pain as a result of springtime allergies

Spring is here and a lot of us are suffering from consistent allergy symptoms. Sneezing, congestion and itchiness are only a few of the more common symptoms experienced by allergy sufferers. But did you know that if you are suffering from upper tooth pain during springtime you may just be experiencing another allergy symptom?

Although less common, suffering from toothache or any other tooth sensitivity in addition to other allergy symptoms during allergy season is normal.

According to an article by Gables Sedation and Family Dentistry titled, “Sinus Allergies Symptoms & Toothache Pain Relief,” there are a couple main symptoms associated with allergies and tooth pain.

  1. Tooth Pain/sensitivity – Because our sinuses are located so closely to our upper jaw, when they’re clogged in can cause inflammation in the upper molars. For this same reason, people may also have sensitivity to cold or heat in their teeth.
  2. Sharp tooth pain that mimics a tooth infection – The maxillary sinuses are located at the root of the upper molars. Because sinusitis causes pressure of the sinuses, it’s natural to have increased pressure in the roots of your teeth.

We recommend you schedule a check-up with us at your convenience to make sure you really aren’t getting a cavity. But if your check up reveals it’s pain that is caused by allergies here’s a couple things you can do to help relieve your symptoms.


  • Vacuum and dust often
  • Avoid toxic cleaning products
  • Take your shoes off while inside your house
  • Open your windows-believe it or not, even the outdoor air is cleaner than our indoor air because it’s always moving.
  • Keep potted plants inside, they’re natural air purifiers

Many patients will discover that after allergy season passes, their tooth pain disappears.

For more information on seasonal allergies and how it affects the upper jaw and toothaches please visit our office at THE REESE 202 S 1st St. Ste #102 Harlingen, TX 78550 or call us at (956) 423-0191


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